23 Jan Two Knocks and an Open Door

Our family often walks the half mile to our neighborhood park. We share the park with dog walkers, kids of all ages, and thoughtful older people circling the walking path – the many faces of the neighborhood. Sometimes, I have on my open, friendly face while I’m there. Other days, I’m more focused on pushing, corralling, and forestalling pants-wetting … hashtag mom life.
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15 Sep Turning the Page: Sharing Your Story

At Legacy, we know that God’s word is a catalyst for transforming lives. When we turn the page from hearing the Word to living the Word, great things can happen. This fall, we want to share stories of God working powerfully through people living the Word....

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03 May What Every Graduating Senior Needs to Know

To the class of 2016: What a privilege to walk beside you these years.  Watching you grow, listening to your questions, your dreams, your hurts, seeing your hearts has made me more.  I have grown because of you.  And I am grateful.  There are no words I could write that matter more than the ones that have already been written.  But, if I could put my heart into text and share with you how much He loves you, and encourages you to make your life about more than just you, this is what I would say. 
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