22 Mar 5 Reasons Why We Love Olathe

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with long-time Olathe residents, Craig and Sandy Jaggard, to talk about some of the reasons why they love Olathe and have lived there for over 37 years. From that conversation, we created 5 reasons why we love Olathe – and why we are excited to announce Legacy’s Grand Opening for the new Olathe Campus. We look forward to seeing how the Lord will work through this new building, and in this community, to bring Him glory for years to come.

1. The Rich History

Many people see Olathe on a map and assume it’s “just another suburb.” In reality, the city has a rich and diverse history.

While the deep Native American ties might be obvious due to the names of the streets (like Black Bob, Arapaho, etc.) or even the name of the town (which means “beautiful”), Olathe’s roots run deep. The town was founded in 1857, four years before Kansas became a state. Olathe was a major stop along the Sante Fe Trail, Oregon Trail, and California Trail, sometimes seeing over 500 wagons a week!

The Olathe Historical Society has produced multiple Emmy winning films that chronicle the city’s history in a film series called “Olathe: The City Beautiful.” Also, the City of Olathe helps to keep the tradition of celebrating its history alive by hosting Old Settlers Days each September. Craig and Sandy love keeping this as a tradition in their house and have been known to sit on the same spot each year for the parade.

2. The Sense of Community

Perhaps due to the rich history of Olathe, the Jaggards see Olathe as a city with a “home-town” feel. When they built their current house 30 years ago, the city’s population was only 37,000. They never imagined how much growth they would see right in front of them, as the city has more than tripled in population and increased in diversity. Yet, even in the midst of the exponential growth, Olathe has been able to maintain its sense of unity and community. Craig has noticed that people seem to stick around because they love where they live.

Between the neighborhoods, community center, and parks, Olathe invites its residents to enjoy life together.

3. The Excellent Schools

The Jaggards first moved to Olathe due to Craig accepting a job offer at Olathe High School, knowing he would move to work at the new Olathe South High School the next year. He was thrilled to accept the position, as the Olathe School District has always been a highly competitive, highly prestigious place to work. Both Craig and Sandy were teachers in Olathe schools for many years, and Sandy finds herself in music classrooms all over the district as a substitute from time to time.

They have seen the impact of the excellence of the district and how it provides each child with an excellent education, setting up each student for success in college and life.

4. The Presence of Christ

Between the influence of the many Christ-centered organizations that serve the community, the Christian university in town, and the many Christian teachers in the schools, Sandy commented, “I have always felt secure that God was in this town.” The ability to know Christ, to serve Christ, and to share Christ freely with others has been a tremendous benefit of living in Olathe.

The sweetness of sharing God’s goodness and blessing with one another in the easier times, and in seeing the community come together in Christ’s name to love and serve others compassionately in the difficult times, has been an undeniable mark of the presence of Christ in this town.

5. The Perfect Place to Raise a Family

With its various parks, activities through parks and rec and other local clubs, as well as its low crime rate, Olathe provides many safe opportunities for families to enjoy being together, to take risks together, and to grow together. Children can be given unique opportunities to learn new things and to safely spread their wings as they prepare to leave the nest one day. Multiple studies rate Olathe as one of the top cities in the nation to raise a family, including this study that shows where millennials are choosing to put down their roots.

The Jaggards both agreed, “Olathe is a very good place to raise your children. We have no regrets. If we had to do it all over again, we would.”

Legacy is excited to grow deeper roots in the Olathe community through the Grand Opening of its new location at 159th and Black Bob on Easter Sunday (April 1, 2018).

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