20 Feb Seven Thoughts on Kingdom Managers and Legacy Builders

Since the Disciple’s Pathway was first implemented in 2014, it’s proven to be an valuable resource for Legacy. For our church body, the pathway is a challenge to ensure everything we do finds its roots in one of these areas. It’s also a barometer for every disciples of Christ; we should seek to honor God on all five steps of the pathway.

This week, Pastor Reggie and Pastor Pete filmed video teaching that supplement new covenant group curriculum about the Disciple’s Pathway. Here are seven thoughts they shared about being a Kingdom Manager and Legacy Builder:

  1. It’s not enough for us to give back what he’s given us. Jesus calls us to multiply (bear fruit) what we’ve been given.
  2. Stretch yourself. Be challenged. Take risks as you use your gifts to expand the kingdom.
  3. Kingdom Managers must embrace their roles as servants of Christ. Use time, talents, & treasures for His glory – not yours.
  4. Legacy Builders are equipped disciples that help those in the next generation make their faith their own.
  5. Never will you be more aware of your inadequacy – and need for God’s help – as when you’re in a position of leadership.
  6. The most powerful way you can be a Legacy Builder is one-on-one discipleship. What one person can you lead through the Disciple’s Pathway?
  7. The church needs YOU to lead. People are waiting for you to guide them – and God is waiting to help you along the way.


Stay tuned for the complete video teaching, which will be released later this spring!