13 Mar How can we do a beautiful thing for Jesus?

As I listened to this weekend’s sermon, I was struck by Mary’s incredible act of worship. Because of her love for Jesus – and in view of all that He would suffer – she anointed Him by pouring an expensive and fragrant perfume on His head.

In a tangible way, Mary wanted to show Jesus how much He meant to her. We learned the perfume was likely her most prized possession and may have represented a big part of her life’s savings! It was truly a sacrificial and extravagant gift of worship from her heart – and it touched the heart of Jesus. Now, it’s our turn to do the same.

This month, each of us has the opportunity to engage in our own extravagant act of worship through March’s “Acts of Mercy” challenge. Our challenge is to display unusual kindness. It’s simple: all you need to do is prayerfully consider what unchurched person you can serve through a random but significant act of kindness. Then, in a desire to bring God glory and tangibly demonstrate Jesus’ love, go and bless that person!

Like Mary’s act of worship, your act of unusual kindness should involve a meaningful gift of your time, talents, or treasure (you don’t have to dig into your life savings, though!). As you consider how you can display unusual kindness in Jesus’ name, here are 9 ideas to get you started:

1. Help an elderly neighbor or single parent with spring yard work. Mow the grass, pick up yard waste, plant a garden, or even rake some leftover leaves from the fall.

2. Give a gift card for gas, groceries, clothing/household items, or a restaurant. (Bonus: make it a ‘date night package’ for parents of young kids. Give them a gift card to a nice restaurant and offer to babysit as well!)

3. Take a co-worker to lunch and pay for his/her meal. Get to know more about how the person is doing and how you can pray for him/her.

4. Is there someone new to your neighborhood? Make them a welcome gift basket. Include some goodies, gift cards to local restaurants, information about your favorite places in Kansas City, and an encouraging note.

5. If you are a basketball fan, host a watch party this month as March Madness unfolds (or take your friends or neighbors to a restaurant and pay for their meal).

6. Invite a family in your neighborhood into your home. Have them over for dinner, a movie night, or a game night. This can be a great way to build relationships with neighbors from different cultural backgrounds.

7. Hold a ‘Greeting Card Drive’ for someone you know who is dealing with sickness or discouragement. Get together as many people as you can to write encouraging and affirming notes to that person. Collect them and deliver all of them at the same time.

8. Teach a useful skill to someone in your neighborhood. Can you help someone you know maintain their car, balance their checkbook, or make easy repairs around the house? Invest in that person and teach him/her that skill.

9. Throw a party for someone celebrating a big milestone! Maybe it’s a child’s birthday party, a graduation open house, a baby shower, an anniversary party, a retirement celebration, or something else. Determine how you can appropriately bless, honor, and celebrate that person. It’s a special way to remind someone they are loved and cared for.

Jesus is not physically present with us today. But, as we were reminded this weekend, we do beautiful things for Him when we show mercy to others in His name.


Kai Blakeborough is the Communications Manager at Legacy.