09 May Behind the Song: The Awesome God You Are

“Something happens when we lift our eyes off the things that are troubling us and choose instead to look at Jesus Christ. It’s not about escapism, it’s about perspective…”

Matt Redman gives some insight into the heart behind a song we have introduced into our worship services at Legacy in the past few weeks.  Ever-seeking new ways to express our worship to God, this song encourages us to focus on Jesus in all seasons of our lives; in rejoicing and in suffering.  God remains the same, regardless of what is going on in the world.

One of the most empowering lyrics in the song is found in the chorus: “God, let hope arise, and faith become the fortress of my heart!”

When you imagine a fortress, you picture an impenetrable structure; well-guarded against attacks and invasion.  With faith as our fortress, we are able to withstand what the world throws against us knowing that we are saved by an amazing, undeserved grace, and that our God is reigning on the throne.  Matt goes on to say “the throne room of God is not just a place of reverence, it’s also a place of refuge.”  There is something empowering about declaring God to be the only thing worthy of our worship.

Think about these things as we continue to worship God through this song in the coming weeks. Listen to the song below:


nsaucemanAbout the Author

Nick Sauceman is the Worship Minister at the Lee’s Summit Campus. He lives with his wife Nikky and two dogs in the Lee’s Summit area.