25 Apr From Tragedy to Majesty: God is Working Around the World

In 2015, tragedy struck a village in west Africa when a mother died during childbirth. Because of their animistic beliefs, the villagers didn’t want to raise the baby; they believed it had been cursed. Then, God’s people stepped forward.

A missionary named Sarah took the baby in for a few weeks until she could locate a native family who was willing to care for the infant as a foster parent. Later, when the child reached one year of age – and was obviously healthy and not cursed as first believed – the villagers not only took the baby back, they planned a huge ceremony to celebrate the new life. The ceremony was just like the one that would have been given at the baby’s birth!

The villagers realized, “Our animist friends didn’t help, and our Muslim friends didn’t help, but the Christians helped.” And because of this temporary adoption story, eight people became Christians.

These missionaries are breaking curses, tearing down the false ideas of what these deaths mean… and now rejoicing in the gift of new life that Jesus brings.

Here’s the best part about this story: God is working in similar ways all over the world! Every day, there are men and women in unreached people groups encountering the truth, love, and grace of Jesus – some of who are choosing to become His disciples. God’s mighty power is at work, and He has called us to be a part of it.

Not everyone is called to move across the world to witness to an unreached tribe, but we are each called to participate in the great commission in some way.

Some are called to pray.
Some are called to go.
Some are called to give.
Some are called to send.

What is God calling you to do today? This Sunday, April 30, celebrate God’s work around the world – and find your place in advancing His Kingdom – at Legacy’s 4th annual Global Vision Night.