26 Aug I’m taking Financial Peace for the fourth time. Here’s why.

I don’t have to think about taking Financial Peace University this fall. I’m signed up! It will be my fourth time through the material.

The reason isn’t some big mystery or secret: each course renews my motivation. It’s contagious, really. My parents have led classes for nearly a decade. When I sit in, I hear the group’s stories. The struggles bring tears to my eyes. The creative ways to save money inspire, and sometimes the thriftiness even incites a laugh.

More than anything else, I cherish the goals that are shared. These are humbling.

Some want to help family members with medical bills or to pay for a student’s education. Or make a large donation to a neighbor who is raising money for adoption. Because, here’s the thing about having money in your account: You can give it away.

In fact, if you choose to attend FPU, you’ll learn how to “live and give like no one else.”

One of the aspects that impressed me most when signing into EveryDollar (Dave Ramsey’s budgeting tool) is that the top category to fill in is giving. This is a great reminder at the beginning of each month when I assign each dollar of my income.

Nested directly below the giving category lies savings. My emergency fund lives there. It’s served as a personal gift to myself when I was furloughed . . . and the time my radiator died.

So, I don’t have to think about taking Financial Peace this fall. But I hope you will.

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Nichole Parks lives debt-free. One day, she would love to be as financially savvy as Mabel Hubbard Bell. More on her and other historic ladies can be read at nicholeparks.com.