18 Mar John 6:1-2; John 2:11

6 After these things Jesus went away to the other side of the Sea of Galilee (or Tiberias). A large crowd followed Him, because they saw the signs which He was performing on those who were sick.

11 This beginning of His signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested His glory, and His disciples believed in Him.

John tells us that the crowds were following Jesus “because they saw the signs that He was doing on the sick.” In other words, they were following Jesus in hopes of what He could do for them. We see Jesus do many signs, or miracles, throughout His ministry: heal the sick and blind, calm a storm, walk on water, feed a crowd, and even raise the dead. We read about the first sign done by Jesus earlier in the book of John when He turned water into wine. We also learn the purpose of these signs was to “manifest His glory.” Jesus performing these signs/miracles wasn’t for people’s entertainment, or simply to meet a temporary need for food or wine. He was showing who He is! These signs had a significant impact on His disciples who, upon witnessing this first miracle, “believed in Him” (ESV) or “put their faith in Him” (NIV). That is the reaction Jesus is looking for when He does something that displays His glory – that we see His glory and believe in Him, more than simply seek Him for what He can do for us.