16 May Jonah 1:5; 1 Thessalonians 5:19 (ESV)

Then the sailors became afraid and every man cried to his god, and they threw the cargo which was in the ship into the sea to lighten it for them. But Jonah had gone below into the hold of the ship, lain down and fallen sound asleep.

1 Thessalonians 5:19 (ESV)
19 Do not quench the Spirit.

The storm doesn’t seem to have an impact on Jonah. He’s sleeping through it. But it sure is getting the attention of the sailors. The seasoned mariners were in full blown panic! Sometimes our sin has consequences that end up impacting others, which should prompt us to return to God even more urgently. But Jonah simply slumbers. He may have “quenched the Spirit” as he ran from God. He wasn’t interested in sharing God’s message with Nineveh, nor was he interested in pointing these pagan sailors toward God. They were praying to other gods, while Jonah could’ve pointed them to the one true God. We talk a lot at Legacy about lifestyle evangelism. The way we live should point others toward God, but when we’re living in disobedience, we can’t. How is your life impacting your witness?