04 Dec Luke 1:39-40

39 Now at this time Mary arose and went in a hurry to the hill country, to a city of Judah, 40 and entered the house of Zacharias and greeted Elizabeth.

Earlier in this chapter, Mary had been visited by the angel Gabriel who told Mary about Elizabeth’s pregnancy. Elizabeth, a relative of Mary lived in Judea about 70 miles away from Mary in Nazareth. We don’t know the exact relationship between the two, but we know they were close because scripture says Mary “hurried” over to show her excitement for Elizabeth. When we are close with someone and something good happens, there is a feeling of excitement we share as if it were happening to ourselves. The love that Jesus has displayed for us is an example of how we should feel towards others. Who in your life represents a relationship such as Mary and Elizabeth? Are you pushing each other to grow in Christ?