07 Dec Luke 1:43

43 And how has it happened to me, that the mother of my Lord would come to me?

Elizabeth showed her humbleness as she expressed much gratitude for Mary coming to see her. Now, it would seem like it wouldn’t be a big deal because they were related, but she understood the visit, and the moment was bigger than that. She understood she was being used as part of God’s plan, that He would use the mother of her Lord to drop by. Her response demonstrates she understood the bigger picture, but also showed her great character as a person. Many times, there is so much going around us we don’t see the role were playing in God’s plan. We fail to see the bigger picture. Remember how in awe you were of God when you first came to Christ? This is how we should be knowing He uses us as part of His plan. Be thankful for what He’s done, grateful for who He is, and in awe that the creator of all things wants to use you as a part of His plan.