19 Apr Praying for Your Children to Become True Disciples

On April 10, Legacy “celebrated” the first milestone of the Legacy Landmarks, as 43 families committed to raise up their children in the Lord and His church.  Each family received a certificate for their child, a letter from their Nursery Minister to be opened at the child’s baptism in the future, a book, and encouragement from their faith family at Legacy.

Making a commitment “to raise up their children in the Lord and His church” is a challenge – one that none of us could complete without prayer. But as parents, what exactly should they pray? How can we, as their church, be praying for their journey ahead?

Discipleship Pathway FINAL - 1x1

After reflecting on this question, it occurred to me that the Disciple’s Pathway can help us develop a pattern for seeking God’s divine blessing on, and guidance for, our own children and the hundreds of children at Legacy!  Instead of just praying for their health and protection, what if we ask God to raise up our children to be True Disciples?

Here’s how you can pray the Disciple’s Pathway over your children every day:

  • New Creation:
    • Pray that God would draw your children to Him.
    • Ask for wisdom and discernment as you teach them about God’s limitless love for them and His plan of salvation.
    • Pray John 3:3 over your children, asking that they would make their faith decision to be “born again” as a New Creation in God’s forever family.
  • True Worshiper:
    • Ask God to shape their hearts and minds for the very purpose they were created: to worship and glorify God.
    • Pray that you would model God-honoring personal and corporate worship for your children to learn from and embrace as their own.
    • Pray John 4:23 over your children. Ask God to help them learn to be a True Worshiper “in spirit and truth.”
  • Covenant Partner:
    • Ask God to prepare your children not just to love the company of God’s family, but to develop and nurture God-honoring relationships wherever He leads them.
    • Ask for His guidance as you seek to be a role model of love and fellowship in our homes and in our church.
    • Pray John 13:35 over your children. Pray that “all people will know” they are disciples of Christ by the way they love and serve with their brothers and sisters in Christ as a Covenant Partner.
  • Kingdom Manager:
    • Pray that you will be an excellent steward of all God has entrusted to your family, as a model for your children.
    • Ask God to reveal and refine the special gifts, abilities, and passions He has placed within each of your kids.
    • Pray John 15:8 over your children. Ask that they would “bear much fruit” as a Kingdom Manager, developing these God-given attributes to be used for His glory.
  • Legacy Builder:
    • Ask God to prepare your kids to lead, where ever God may place them, for His kingdom purposes.
    • Pray they would understand the power of “influence” and choose daily to be a leader for King Jesus.
    • Pray 2 Timothy 2:2 over your children, that they will obey the call to be a lifelong Legacy Builder by making disciples “who will be able to teach others also.”


Can you imagine what could happen if we as parents and we as a church family began praying this daily for our children?  I am confident God would move in ways we could never even imagine.  Will you pray the Disciple’s Pathway for your children and all the children of Legacy?


jgreenhawJoe Greenhaw is the Executive Director of Spiritual Formation at Legacy Christian Church. He is as humble as his title is long. He is married to his wife, Shannon, and has three children and four (for now!) grandchildren.