24 Mar Resources to Connect Online

We believe in the importance of being a biblical community living the Word, especially in times of social distancing. Legacy hopes to provide the resources you need in order to connect online with your covenant group!  

While we encourage covenant groups to use whatever digital platform is most suitable for their online gathering, we have included some instructions for covenant group leaders if you are using Zoom. 

Connecting through Zoom

1. If one of your covenant group members has an account already, feel free to let them schedule meetings. This will allow you to see everybody on screen and have no time restrictions on your meeting. 

2. If no one in your group has a Zoom account, Legacy can offer you the opportunity to schedule online reservations to host meetings with one of our accounts! If you are interested in utilizing this schedule, feel free to fill out a form here. 

3. If you need direction on how to set up meetings, or how to participate in one, feel free to check out the attached resources.