01 Dec Staff Q&A: Ryan and Robin Manring

Ryan and Robin are some of our newest additions on staff here at Legacy, so we decided to ask them some questions for you to be able to get to know them better.

What are your roles here at Legacy?

Ryan: I am the student minister for the Olathe campus and also help Darren out in associate campus pastor roles.
Robin: I have various roles. Locally, I get to be the Olathe Worship Coordinator – scheduling and equipping the worship teams. I am part of the team for service planning campus-wide. I am also the first person to do the job of Student Worship Manager, planning out the worship sets/programming for LSM each week!

How did you come to accept the call to ministry?

Ryan: I never had a specific moment where I felt a deep “calling,” but throughout my college years, I became more involved with the campus ministry where my heart grew exponentially for the lost. I was impacted by deep discipleship and by my Junior year, I felt that God was preparing me for full-time ministry. Ever since then I’ve never really seen myself doing much else than helping people grow in their love and connection to God!
Robin: I went to Manhattan Christian College and studied counseling/family ministries, but had no intention of working for a church. April of my senior year I was given the opportunity to help develop a worship team at a local church plant. A three month commitment quickly turned into a year and a half, where God continued to grow my heart for ministry and develop me into a better woman, leader, and servant of His Kingdom.

What’s the best part of doing ministry together?

Robin: The best part of doing ministry together is knowing how much stronger and effective our ministries are. Ryan plays a major role in encouraging me, helping me create worship elements, and being part of the worship team both in student and in adult worship.
Ryan: Robin said it well. She adds so much to everything I do, from event planning to growing and cultivating healthy relationships – my ministry wouldn’t be half of what it is without Robin helping me. She’s not only an incredible spouse, but an incredible teammate to serve, run, and push me more towards our goal of making disciples. It’s the biggest blessing in the world to serve alongside my wife!

What’s one thing you wish people knew/would do about student ministry?

Robin: I wish more people would ask how they can get involved. Whether it’s investing in a student’s teenage years or serving for a season on the LSM praise team, they’d be making a difference in building up this ministry and the culture we’re trying to create.
Ryan: The old adage is true, “more is caught than taught.” I wish that people would be more relational; inviting students into your private life is essential for real discipleship to happen.

If you are interested in serving in the student ministry or worship ministry, contact your campus Student Minister or Worship Coordinator.