09 Jun Summer Bucket Checklist in a COVID-19 World

In this world of COVID-19, we enter the summer with caution and confusion. No one is sure what to do or where to go. One thing’s for sure, there’s a ton to do around the city and in your own home! Here is a Summer Bucket Checklist of 13 things to try out while we wade into this new world.

1. Go to Legacy’s Virtual Kid’s Week! In-person events might be cancelled, but you can still participate in a Family Camp-in at Racoon Ridge. Sign-up online at https://lcc.org/kidsweek/ so you can get your supplies. This is a live-stream event on June 15th and 16th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Lcc.tv! Invite your friends and join us online!

2. Take a hike! I will be sure to add a few of these to my summer plans – Best Trails in Kansas and Best Trails in Missouri. Walking doesn’t require special equipment, it’s an activity that can be done with kids and older adults, get your steps in!

3. Lead a Book Club! I’m positive your local library will have a list of fun books to read over the summer or search online for ideas based on genre. Video conference and get your friends engaged. Read a book and share the adventure with friends!

4. Get Physical! Set up outdoor goals – there are 92 summer days… why not try and walk, run, ride a bike, etc., for two miles every day? Setting a goal and working towards it (a prize could be involved) will keep you motivated.

5. Organize a Board Game or Video Game Tournament. Set up a board game tournament in the backyard or pull out that projector and challenge your friends to some fun video games!

6. Get Creative. There are so many fun crafts that are easy to do using pieces of nature. Have you checked out these tic tac toe bugs, garden wind chimes, or a twig star. You are surrounded by beautiful creations, get crafty!

7. Open a Restaurant. Eating out may still have you a little leery… so why not bring the restaurant home? There are tons of fun online “secret” recipes from your favorite restaurants you can try your hand at!

8. Plant a garden. There’s nothing like growing your own food to excite the whole family. If you don’t have room for a garden but still want to try your hand at gardening, check out some fun and creative ways to re-grow from your kitchen scraps!

9. Go to the movies. Grab yourself a projector (new, used, or borrowed) and create an outdoor movie theatre – even better if you share this event with neighbors. Don’t forget the snacks!

10. Support Local Farmers. Farmers Market locations are opening all over the city. With the right safety measures, it would be fun to try them all!

11. Become a Movie Producer. Have you ever seen Stop Motion Animation? It’s a cool hobby, one that takes very little to execute. Grab your phone, some Legos, Barbies, kitchen utensils, or anything to create a movie about and get going!

12. Become a Comedian. Liven up your neighborhood by creating a joke rather than a lemonade stand. Have a book of jokes ready and prepare to share the gift of laughter!

13. Treasure Hunting. Want to find some relics? Become a Geocaching expert. There are Geo-Activities to introduce to the kids, or you can do it together as a family.

Renee Beste is a wife, mom, marketing manager, and lover of Jesus, chaos, and fun.

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