19 Apr The Power of Intentionality: Reflections from the 2018 Family Mission Trip

Last month, a group of Legacy families traveled together to serve on the 2018 Family Mission Trip. We asked student Esther Rose, a junior in high school from Legacy’s Olathe campus, to share her reflections on the trip with us.

Eagle Pass, Texas- the location of the family mission trip that hadn’t been expected. For most of the time leading up to the trip, everyone had expected to go to Houston, but God had a different plan.

We cleaned and painted and repaired Loma Bonita Church, but the Family Fun Nights are what will be remembered the most. We met friends who we talked to every night- women, men, teens, toddlers… and by the end of the week, I forgot I had to go home. After spending every day together, going home felt like leaving home.

But, because we knew we only had a little bit of time together, we were more intentional about our conversations and every minute we did have- and I started to wonder why I didn’t do that all the time. How much time have I wasted, how many interactions have I missed because “it would be too awkward” or “I’ll have more time later?” How many times have I been dismissive because I’ve been too tired? I was tired for every minute of this trip- but that didn’t stop me then, because I knew what my priorities were. What made this week so different?

Intentionality. I didn’t recognize what that really meant until after this trip. When I knew I only had one day with my friends, I was intentional with every minute. But I realized that I don’t have to stop that at home. I can carry this energy into every day of my life. I don’t have to stick with my friends at youth group when I know there’s a girl standing by herself. I can ask how people are and mean it. I can be vulnerable with people until they can be vulnerable with me.

This is intentionality. Not that I have the energy to talk to people, not that it benefits me, not that I always want to be, but that without it I can do nothing for the kingdom. The only difference between the week I went on the mission trip and every other day of my life is how intentional I choose to be. And I hope that- and I’m praying for and working towards- being so intentional in every day that it doesn’t feel any different than being on this mission trip.

Photo by Ryan Hefner on Unsplash