04 Mar Visit KC: How to Make the Most of Your Spring Break at Home

Why head out of town for Spring Break? There are tons of things to do right here in Kansas City!

I grew up in a remote town of 3,000 people in the middle of northern Ontario, Canada and once a year, right before school started, we would head the 2.5 hours to the big city and buy our back to school clothes and supplies. We would also stay in a hotel, eat at a restaurant, and swim in a pool. This was the highlight of my year. Never mind that we lived 10 minutes from Lake Superior or two blocks away from a beautiful lake or that our family cottage is located on a secluded island. None of those things seemed as decadent as the pool at the Days Inn. That’s all to say that I didn’t appreciate what I had because I was immersed in it. When I go home now, my kids love all the things I took for granted when I lived there. It’s all about perspective. So is living in Kansas City.

Science City ($13 per person)

At $13 per person, Science City is a super fun place to spend the entire day. Kids will stay busy with the various exhibits that expand the mind and imagination. Want something fun to do as a group? For a group of 50 or more, you can plan an overnight experience!

Pinterest (FREE)

For a cheaper alternative Pinterest is where it’s at. Pinterest is filled with fun at home experiments that will keep your kids entertained for the day. Mentos and Coke? Tornado water bottles? Check it out, invite some friends over and make it a Science day your kids won’t forget!

Kaleidoscope (FREE)

I love, love, love Kaleidoscope and to be honest, I’m bummed when the kids want to go home. I could spend the entire day there crafting and exploring the different areas. Kaleidoscope is FREE – so once you’re done there, head over to The Chocolate Factory inside Crown Center and treat yourself to something yummy!

College Basketball Experience ($12-15 per person)

Have you been to this place? It’s super fun, even for non-athletic people like me! Different rooms, different ways to miss the basket, it’ll leave you sweaty and ready for a nap.  You don’t want to spend that much? Not a problem – A few years in ago I reserved the gym time and organized a basketball game for the kids in our small group and other friends from church. It was fun (and free), but the best part was right before we left, the last game was played – moms vs. kids. I don’t remember who won or lost, but I do remember how much fun we all had!

Money Museum (FREE)

Located in downtown KC, this museum allows you to see all the exhibits, the Cash Processing and Vault viewing area, and the audio tour and iPad scavenger hunt are also available for use. How cool is that? There is a gift shop, so be sure to cover eyes as you leave or bring some cash to splurge.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum ($10 per person)

With Baseball season right around the corner, this one is a must-do in Kansas City. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is one of the few museums in the United States to explore the world of baseball when it was racially segregated. There were once African American only teams such as the New York Black Yankees and the story of the sports segregation and eventual integration is explored in depth at this museum. Once you’re done there, head to the park to play catch and bring a picnic!

Explore the City Libraries (FREE)

There are a ton of libraries across the city that offer up classes, experiences, and you know… books! Here are two of my favorites.

The Kansas City Public Library (Missouri) is at once noticeable due to the so-called Community Bookshelf outside the main library building. The Community Bookshelf consists of model book spines, each measuring 25 feet, which depict certain books recommended by readers in the city.  It is the oldest and third largest public library system in the metropolitan Kansas City area. Its special collections, housed in the Central Library’s Missouri Valley Room, has a collection of Kansas City local history, including original and published materials, news articles, postcards, photographs, maps, and city directories dating from the community’s earliest history. The Library’s Ramos Collection includes books, pamphlets, journal articles and other materials relating to African-American history and culture.

The Central Resource Library (part of the Johnson County, KS, Libraries) houses the Black & Veatch MakerSpace room. This is the PERFECT place to start or finish those projects that have been on your mind. It houses equipment to complete projects involving 3D Printing, Computers & Software, Electronics, Audio & Visual, Sewing, Laser Cutting, CNC Cutting and, Vinyl Cutting.

This spring break, change your perception and change your experience. Help your kids discover how they “are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works” (Ephesians 2:10).

Renee Beste is a wife, mom, marketing manager, and lover of Jesus, chaos, and fun.

Photo by Jake Fagan on Unsplash